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Regional state budgetary institution " Museum of Geology of Central Siberia"

In 2016 the Museum celebrated its 17th anniversary. The founder of the Museum is the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Krasnoyarsk region. The Museum has more than 9,000 items of storage, representing the sections: Mineralogy, petrography, paleontology, as well as scientific and methodological literature on Geology since the XIX century. At the moment, the Museum is located in the building of the College of food industry, the issue of providing the Museum building.

The purpose of the Museum:

- formation of the scientific worldview of students;

- preservation and enhancement of the best traditions of Russian geological science and practice, development of interest of the younger generation to the Earth Sciences;

- strengthening of the applied component in educational programs while maintaining an orientation to the fundamental nature of education;

The aims of the Museum:

- improving the teaching of geological disciplines through the use of collections and expositions of the Museum with the use of innovative technologies;

- popularization of geological knowledge through their dissemination among students, school students, the population of the Krasnoyarsk region, with excursions, round tables, symposia, Olympiads;

- research work on the study and analysis of the geological structure, paleogeography, history of landscapes, earth resources of the Krasnoyarsk territory

- educational work aimed at the formation in society of scientific materialistic perception of the world, respect for the natural environment and its resources.


Thus, the activities of the Museum include educational, research, educational, educational and organizational functions.

In the past four years, the Museum maintains active exhibition and educational activities, many citizens at the hearing of such projects, as "Angles of Coal", "Monochrome", the exhibition "Liquid, volatile, solid FUEL", science installation "the core of the brain," art projects "Colorado", "Gallery of excellence", "Charkaman", "Shine", the show-project "Zolotovitsky", which was implemented at the festival "Green" in 2016. Many other events of the Museum provided him with an increase in attendance to 500 people per month, the growth of references in the media more than 50 times. The Museum, as part of the inter-University cooperation, held exhibitions in 6 cities of the region, as well as in the Orenburg regional Museum of fine arts. The Museum has a school for children young geologist, classes which are free to attend more than 30 students. Every year, the Museum holds the regional geological Olympiad, the popularity of which is also growing: in 2014, 30 children participated in the face – to-face tour, in 2017-already 60 participants. For mineral lovers, the Museum offers the following projects: GEOS-classroom training, popular science lectures at public venues of the city, as well as geological trips in the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk. In addition, in the stone-cutting workshop of the Museum you can order products made of natural materials according to the author's sketches.

RSBI "Museum of Geology of Central Siberia" (GEOS)